The management at Virag has always been sincerely committed to environment welfare. Although we believe and practice minimizing environmental harm at the source, we understand any manufacturing has repercussions on environment. We have committed ourselves to attending to these, irrespective of it being a statutory requirement.

    Since decades now, we have not discharged a drop of water into the nature. Over the years, we have invested in technology, manpower and control systems to ensure we strictly adhere to our ZERO EFFLUENT DISCHARGE policy. Elaborate arrangements have been made to clean and use the effluent generated during operations.
    Virag International has recently ventured into non-profit wind energy initiatives. Of our own accord, we have installed wind mills at suitable locations, helping solve the energy crisis of India. This is our small step to help light a lamp in someone’s home.
    We have covered our entire manufacturing facility roofs with solar panels, which once again is diverted into the general grid. We are exploring various other green energy measures. We are proud that “We generate more power than we consume”
    A vast green belt around the industry and along the streets of the industrial estate is developed and maintained by Virag International. Water, nutritional and other requirements are addressed by the company. While reducing our Carbon Footprint on nature, once again, “We produce more Oxygen than we consume”
  • OHS
    Our employees are part of our family and we take care of them as our own. While we take utmost care no accident occurs at work place, Occupational Health and Safety at Virag International covers all employees and all their family members. As part of OHS, all employees and their family are covered under extensive life and medical insurance benefits. They are also privileged to free periodical medical check-ups, subsidized diagnostic tests and medicines.
  • CSR
    Corporate Social Responsibility may have only recently become a requirement, but Virag has always been socially active, and it takes sees the opportunity as a privilege, rather than a responsibility. Over the years, Virag International has been one of the top donors at a charitable polydiagnostic centre. The centre uses with the latest equipment and technology, offers all diagnostic tests, at subsidized rates which people from as far as 1000 kms. travel to avail. We are proud to have been able to contribute to our nation’s health and wellbeing.